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Founded in 2020, CPAP Specialist’s is an independently-owned supplier of CPAP Machines, CPAP Masks, and Accessories, based in Coolangatta, Gold Coast. Gecko Media worked with CPAP Specialists to create a stunning National website that showcased its products, offering user-friendly eCommerce functionality to enable seamless purchasing, placing their website ahead of the competition..


All CPAP Specialists pages adapt automatically for every screen size and orientation.

Search-engine friendly

Website is submitted to Google, and include features to improve ranking over time.

Built for speed

Pages are optimized to make CPAP Specialists website run as fast as possible.

Building a Digital Presence

CPAP Specialist’s came to Gecko Media looking to boost its digital presence with a new, custom-designed eCommerce website that reflected the brand.

With over 200 products and many variations, plus, made-to-order specialised bundles and services, we had our work cut out for us creating a site that made it easy for users to navigate all the options CPAP Specialist offer, in a more user-friendly way.

The Approach

CPAP Specialist’s carefully selected product range needed a new website that connected in a user-friendly way. Using our strategic research into customer behavior, Gecko Media set out to create an eCommerce website that showcased CPAP Specialist’s products, streamlined the buyer journey, and offered CPAP package customisation options to its customers. The result was an eye-catching, user-centric experience.

Simplifying eCommerce

With WordPress and Woocommerce, we built a highly customisable, fully integrated website that offered all the back-end flexibility and front-end functionalities CPAP Specialist’s needed to become a truly modern eCommerce brand that people will remember.

Optimising Interactions

To drive user interaction, we optimised multiple conversion points across key product pages, using industry insights. This will increase the user click-through rates and improve the user experience, greatly improving product conversion rates over time


Now the new website is live, our next step is to begin marketing these amazing products, so customers can quickly warm up to CPAP Specialist’s. Beyond gains in keyword rankings and site traffic, we are aiming to increase user sessions in the first three month’s to 50,000. With its refreshing look, user-friendly structure, and national reach, Gecko Media is helping CPAP Specialist’s produce not just big numbers, but a much-needed advantage in a highly competitive space. We’re very happy to continue to work with CPAP Specialist’s for further optimisations and marketing.

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