Sealy Posturepedic Spirit Software

Learning Management System ( LMS )

Sealy Spirit evolved over many years to become a part of Sealy’s business culture and gave fundamental support for their retail outlets. Sealy Spirit holds a record of all employees, events, news and some history going back over 100 years, while provides invaluable training for their retail outlets to sell their 1st class bedding with the confidence of knowing what their products are all about. Cloudology, who is now merged with Gecko Media, built these sites for BFJ Media who was contracted by Dolphin Creative who were contracted by Sealy Posturepedic Australia. Due to the data being internal only we are limited by what screenshots we can show.

“The biggest lesson we learnt was not to allow a client to push us for fast production when large scale briefs are not fully scoped. Pulling in additional resources to finish faster is not as good as a small team that know their own code, and can therefore, complete the task at hand with cleaner coding, just a little more time is required. This was a big lesson in business management for us, regardless, the Sealy sites were a great experience and we are proud to have contributed to an outstanding Australian company over the last 4 years.”


The Challenge

Being one of ours first large scale projects and being under time limitations we made mistakes with briefing not being thorough enough, a mistake we would later improve upon greatly. We also needed to translate a very old site and database system with a ton of data across to WordPress / mySQL. The migration process required custom scripting to capture all data and make the import into WordPress. After several attempt and many tweaks we had all the data ready for development. Over the years the site was developed to provide a smoother user experience and hold new articles relating to people, news, history and more in multiple languages for employees across Australia and Asia.


  • Infinte scroll blog rolls
  • Video blog & Galleries
  • 7,000+ employee listings
  • Ability to switch languages
  • First login video training popup
  • Custom first login / password reset template
  • Multiple search filtering for post types
  • Newsletter subscription and custom mail-out template

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