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The SleepGP was founded in 2013 with a mission of enriching lives through a medical model of sleep care for patients through partnered clinics. The SleepGP’s doctors specialise in providing cutting-edge care for patients with sleep disordered breathing, through a network of clinics nationwide.

As years of growth transformed The SleepGP from a regional player into a national force, The SleepGP turned to Gecko Media to rebuild their website.

The Challenge

The SleepGP’s site needed a contemporary design with a very professional look and feel to reflect the company’s growing scale and business objective of appealing to more GPs to rain in sleep.. An additional need was to assist patients to find the nearest SleepGP Clinic, as the existing clinic locator was difficult to use.

The Approach

Built on WordPress, our solution balanced usability and aesthetics to deliver an all-round great experience and a deeper engagement with, The SleepGP brand.

Finding a Clinic

When a patient needs sleep care and therapy. they want to find help fast, but importantly quality is a primary consideration as it is any healthcare decision. We made finding a clinic one of the easiest tasks to accomplish on the site, with robust mapping, and a search-optimised clinic landing page with easy-to-find directions for worried sleep disorder patients.

Refreshed Design

The SleepGP’s existing site was text-heavy. While there were definitely some informative images, it just didn’t portray an appropriate web presence for a national Sleep Clinic network. We elevated the site’s look and feel with the use of on-brand blue, a clean design, quality images, and serif headers, providing the look and feel of an established and trusted brand. We kept a sense of joy and care with lots of candid, charming photos of sleep patients, living their best lives.

Showcase Stories

The SleepGP content is in high demand. When a valued existing or potential patient is feeling tired or unwell due to poor sleep patterns, they need expert advice. And with The SleepGP’s helping them daily with personalised sleep therapy, The SleepGP has many success stories that tug at the heartstrings. We ensured that sleep disorder patients can quickly find content that meets their needs in the moment, whether they’ve come to be generally informed about sleep hygiene, or more specifically educated around a condition similar to their own.

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