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Trailer Parts Direct is an independently owned Industrial hardware & spare parts for Motor Body Builders, User Camper Trailer, Caravan Manufacturers & Boat Builders based in Brisbane, Queensland. After more than 15 years in business, this thriving brand is anything but small. Trailer Parts Direct is a major player in the outdoor living sector. With most of its sales happening offline, the brand came to Gecko Media ready for a digital transformation that would expand and strengthen its reach online.

The Challenge

On the business side, Trailer Parts Direct owned several distinct yet disconnected brands. Our first challenge was to refresh the Trailer Parts Direct brand and fold all other brands into the new one. From a technical perspective, Trailer Parts Direct used a standalone Inventory Management system that made tracking users and sales problematic. To help create more efficient, sales-friendly environment for their team, an API would need to be built and integrated with their current system – plus, have the after sales infrastructure to support Trailer Parts Direct’s new digital capabilities.

The Approach

As a true digital partner, our team engaged strategically with every aspect of the brand to ensure seamless branding, a sales-driven website, and the right technology for success. The result was a 24% increase in marketing ROI year on year and a 286% increase in revenue (compared to previous years).

Redefining Offerings

When a patient needs sleep care and therapy. they want to find help fast, but importantly quality is a primary consideration as it is any healthcare decision. We made finding a clinic one of the easiest tasks to accomplish on the site, with robust mapping, and a search-optimised clinic landing page with easy-to-find directions for worried sleep disorder patients.

Making Tech Advancements

After helping the client upgrade their current website technology, Gecko Media’s developers drew on the eCommerce power of WordPress to develop the new site, successfully integrating our designer’s creations to life.

Unleashing New Creative

Digging into Trailer Parts Direct’s analytics, our paid media team saw big opportunities, with product-specific, user-centred messaging that saw impressive results.


Planting the seeds for Trailer Parts Direct’s digital growth was a challenge, but even we were surprised by the results. On top of big gains in ROI and keyword rankings, Trailer Parts Direct’s saw a 617% increase in transactions and 515% increase in revenue using the paid media we created post-launch.

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