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Debt Collection

Business Profile

We Communicate opened in Brisbane in 2009 to serve the region’s growing business financial concerns. Always an ally for its account holders, We Communicate helps everyday businesses live better lives through service-driven banking, money management, and investment services. Since then, We Communicate has seen considerable success.

The Challenge

We Communicate and its team of representatives offered a great in-house experience, but its online presence didn’t demonstrate value to current or prospective customers. The company needed a modern, digital headquarters that validated its service commitments, maintained the confidence of current clients, and helped increase the rate of new account openings for business accounts.

The Approach

The first step in our engagement with We Communicate was the development of an in-depth website strategy that would help all parties understand the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for We Communicate. During this process, our team identified three key things the new website would have to do; Increase traffic and access to key content, provide ongoing debt consolidation support, financial growth, and demonstrate real value to prospective clients.

Co-located within the physical Malouf Medical practice location, ENT, GP subspecialties in Ears and Sleep specialists operate side by side. Patients are referred and attend from the southern Gold Coast to deep into Northern NSW. Catering to the different clinical offerings on the one website was a significant challenge.

The Brand has existed for nearly 20 years and strongly signifies trust. Gecko Media’s task was to develop the brand and to acquire referrals and patients through digital marketing.

Optimising Site Features

To solidify the website’s role as a companion for financial management for clients, our team implemented several new site features. Of these were “Financial Calculator” tools, which use current rates and market calculations relevant to their real-time position, plus an adaptive language selector that, through IP detection, auto-selects the language corresponding to the origin of the user’s connection. The result is a more intuitive experience both online and in the real world.

New Content Venues

At the core of the We Communicate brand is its relationship with customers – a strategic pillar that had to translate to digital. To accomplish this, our team developed a body of content that would be featured on the new website’s Insights hub. Developed by the Gecko Media team, We Communicate Insights is a gateway to articles, videos, and financial initiatives for all We Communicate users, providing a digital venue to foster engagement and continue the company’s history of focusing on the customer.

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