Design never stands still, and any brand investing in a new site wants it to look and feel contemporary. But the philosophy behind website design should stand the test of time.

As marketing specialties go, few change as much (or as often) as paid media. That’s because platforms, channels, and display networks are always evolving along with their audiences. This constant change can be fun for users, but comes at a price for brands without the time, in-house experts or latest tools to stay on top of never-ending shifts and trends.

When you engage Gecko for paid advertising, you put a team of specialists to work for your brand. But more than that, you also add data scientists, copywriters and designers who know the digital landscape and collaborate to produce engaging ads that get results.

And when we talk about results, we most want to talk about the results that matter to you – leads, sales, revenue, utilization – not only the metrics that agencies like to measure. We’re passionate about diving into business data to get a complete picture of your customers, your business, and our performance.

A People-Centered Philosophy

Design trends come and go. Gecko has been around long enough to see skeuomorphic design, flat design, parallax, long scroll pages, brutalism, drop shadows, mobile design, Flash animation, and the rise and fall (and rise again) of the gradient. We keep up with the trends, but we try to see past them and focus on people.

Before we’ve even designed a pixel, we’re seeking to understand our users and make decisions based on how they think and what they want. That means audience research and a robust digital strategy is an integral part of our web design process.

As a web design agency, we know how easy it is to be so focused on selling your wares that your audience gets sidelined. But if you’re going to ask people to reach deeper into their pockets or take a chance on your brand, meeting them on their terms is how you get there. That’s why now more than ever, any brand needs a website that caters to the user and provides real human experiences.

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A Story-Driven Approach

When we’re designing for people, it’s important to remember people are storytellers. Sharing and listening to stories is part of what makes us human, and all great brand experiences begin with storytelling.

What does it mean to tell stories in a visual context? Storytelling is much more than writing lengthy copy or clever one-liners. Every aspect of a website, from design language and image selection to content and user experience, comes together to either tell the story or distract from it.

Every brand has its own story, but at the heart of every brand story is the brand’s promise to its customers. Are you promising fun and excitement? A safe pair of hands? From that core promise, every picture, every icon, every page, and every point of interaction needs to advance that perception and develop your story.

Best practices are important and our gifted designers know them backwards – especially the usability standards required to achieve (WCAG 2.0) compliance standards. But even if best practices drive a conversion, but they won’t truly create a relationship. Real customers are made when their loyalty is earned. If your brand isn’t giving users that kind of experience, your competitors get the chance to pick up the slack.

A Partnership Mentality

Gecko started out as a web design agency many years ago, and we’ve designed websites for big brands and rising startups alike. We’ve seen the evolution towards more audience-focused websites – and helped brands move with these changes as they happen.

Whether you’re building a website for a new business or you’re ready for a redesign, our team of web designers can help you show off your brand. We live in a mobile-first world, and we wouldn’t dream of starting a website without responsive designs for mobile, tablet, and desktop.

We get that redesigning a website is a big step for many businesses. There are big design decisions to make and many stakeholders’ views to consider. How you’re guided through the process is almost as important as what’s ultimately designed.

We take an iterative, dialogue-based approach to design, exploring ideas and directions and leaving ample time and space for feedback and refinement. You’ll get a clear sense of what your options are and how they affect the overall design. And we’ll help guide the conversation to generate the most valuable, relevant feedback possible from your wider team.

Gecko is more than a website design company. We’re a true digital partner who helps brands make deeper connections with your audience and accelerate growth.

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