Ultimately, all digital audits should answer one simple question: what’s really going on here?

Perhaps it’s an unexplained decline in sales, leads, or traffic. Or a need to understand the landscape before launching a new business, or expanding an old one. Whatever the reason, someone calls for an audit to get to the heart of what’s happening.

Gecko Media offers GeckoMarket Business Solution Package, an offering that can be implemented only as ab integrated with the one of our monthly or custom services.

We have smart, relevant points of view, and the ability to get up to speed on a business fast. We’re flexible enough to work with careful deliberation or great urgency. And we don’t believe in paralysis by analysis, so our goal is always to produce insights and recommendations that leave you prepared for action.

Exploring your digital footprint

Because we have our own in-house strategy, production, and delivery capabilities, we can audit any aspect of your current digital solution.

We take a discipline-by-discipline approach to examining your efforts, with multiple experts weighing in. You might have UX designers looking at your site’s ease of use, SEO specialists looking at your on-site optimisation, developers checking your code, or paid media specialists looking at your AdWords, depending on what your audit requires.

When we compile what we learn, we contextualise it for you and explain our findings with as much confidence as the data can justify.  We will meet with you prioritising the issues that we find. Together we can differentiate between mission-critical issues and minor fixes. And because our experts have already looked over everything, we have a head start on anything you’d like us to resolve for you.